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Rustic styling for your marquee wedding

Clearspan marquees are a great venue choice for your wedding celebrations providing a true blank canvas, perfect for adding your unique style. The rustic or country look continues as a strong trend and there are lots of ways of adding this style of décor to your marquee. We would love to share a few ideas with you.

Starting outside

As your guests walk towards the marquee you could consider a festoon lit walkway with wooden signs. Frame the entrance with props and hay bales, crates and lanterns. Bales are also great as outdoor seating with throws and cushions.

Stepping inside

It's helpful to view your marquee in zones. This makes it easier when considering what rustic elements would work well in each area;

  • Greeting your guests - As your guests walk in you can set the theme with your seating plan, whether it's artistically displayed on an old rustic ladder or simply and beautifully laid out on a hessian backed frame, there are lots of choices to add your own personal touches. Equally these details can carry through to your reception table for cards and gifts. Perhaps you want to use a wooden table for display with crates, old suitcases, wicker baskets, logs, flowers, anything goes really.

  • Bar/Reception area - The addition of a rustic wooden bar counter may be all you want here but adding a few extra features such as a decorated crate back bar or hanging greenery and lights will complete the look. If you have space for seating in this area the rustic theme can continue with the choice of sofas, wooden drinks tables and chairs. We also supply cushions, lanterns and decorative tealights with our seating sets.

  • Marquee ceiling - You could choose to keep this soft ivory and add hanging features such as lanterns, rustic lights or greenery or add natural coloured ceiling overlays for depth. Adding fairy lights will always work well too!

  • Dining - If you prefer the look of linen on your tables you can use beautiful natural cloths to add warmth and tones or hessian table runners on ivory linen for a lighter look. For a full rustic dining area the long wooden tables look great with no cloths, or perhaps with just a runner to display any centrepieces. The classic limewash chivari chair would work well, or you may choose a more informal wooden folding chair or even the new wooden crossback chairs.

  • Dancing - The wooden dance floor would be the obvious choice for a country/rustic marquee but you can add other touches here, perhaps a pretty backdrop which could be fabric, floral or wooden behind the stage or add a cluster of hanging lanterns over the dance floor area. We have designed a rustic stage unit complete with festoon lights which looks pretty good too!

There are many ways to decorate your marquee wedding and we believe it's all about balance whichever look you are creating. So thinking about the height of centrepieces vs any hanging features, balance of colour and layering of lights. Collating images and ideas from our website and Pinterest is a great start, and of course we have a wide choice of furniture and decor available as well as lots of advice and guidance to help you create your very own rustic styled wedding marquee.

Happy planning!

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